7 Reasons to Seek Out Acupuncture


Do you ever feel your life’s a ride that won’t ever stop? How many nights do you wait for Mr. Sandman to magically appear? How often do you truly take time for yourself? Do you have aches and pains almost daily? Are over-the-counter or prescription medications controlling your life? When was the last time you actually felt at peace? If any of these questions resonate with you, then it might be time to look at Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture for an answer. People in Asian countries have known the magnificence of acupuncture for thousands of years. Traditional Chinese Medicine is growing in popularity in the United States and here are some reasons why you might want to consider utilizing it also. continue reading »

We have moved!

Lotus Spring Acupuncture and Wellness Inc. have moved to a new location.  We will be offering our services on July 1st.  The new address is 36 S.  1100 E. Bldg 5 #C  American Fork, UT 84003.  The phone number is still the same 801-830=7067.

The hours of operation will still be the same as for right now.

We are also offering more services for our patients.  We still offer high quality acupuncture treatment as well as Chinese herbal Therapy.

Kirstine Clark with “Whole Living with Kirstine” will be offering classes on nutrition, fermenting, and kefir starting in September.

Lotus Spring Acupuncture and Wellness Inc. will also be offering EVOX.


What People Are Saying About the EVOX

Several subtle changes occurred within me during my first session, the power and impact of which became increasingly clear as time went on. The work and its impact deepened with the second session, and I’ve been noticing positive differences in my moods, energy, and attitude ever since.–R. A.

I can’t believe how much junk does not bother me! This last session sort of knocked something loose. I’m doing so well, it is ridiculous! Mean people & stressful situations have absolutely NO effect on me. Another thing; I used to run from stressful situations and avoid possible conflict at all costs. I would literally start to have a panic attack. Gone! How cool is that! I keep thinking “I’m not freaking out about this or that.” –R. L.

I am so amazed and very pleased with the energetic shifts in my thinking, and noticeable changes in my behavior, which are the result of Perception Reframing sessions. –E.B.


We are currently looking to hire professional massage therapist in our new location.  We are also looking for another health professional to offer their service as well.


Here is a recent testimonial from a satisfied patient from acupuncture treatments:


I went to Dan for pain in my hip and lower back. I saw an improvement after my first treatment and while the pain isn’t totally gone, the improvement is about 85 to 90 percent after 10 sessions and I’m feeling so much better. Dan is professional and caring and I highly recommend Lotus Springs.


Here is a video of patients sharing their experience with acupuncture.

We are still offering a free 30 minutes consultation to see if acupuncture can help you!  Please call 801-830-7067 to schedule your first visit.



Dan Clark, Acupuncturist

How To Dine Out If You Have a Food Allergy

food-allergies-01Food allergies shouldn’t prevent you from dining out with your friends and family. Unfortunately, though, many people with food allergies resort to cooking their own meals to reduce the risk of an adverse reaction. From dairy and nuts to gluten (wheat-based protein) and shellfish, there are certain foods that people must avoid to prevent adverse reactions. continue reading »

6 Ways to Relieve Allergies Without Drugs, Shots or Needles

summer-fieldSummer finally arrives.

The sun comes out.  The flowers bloom.

Most people grab their sunscreen and head outside.  But what do you do?

You close the windows, grab your antihistamines and hide in the house.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy being outdoors?

Allergies are widespread.  According to WebMD, 20% of the population suffers from allergies or asthma, and 55% of the population tests positive for one or more allergens.   Allergies are the 5th leading chronic disease in the US and cost the US health care system $7.9 billion annually.

If you can’t live with your runny nose, congestion or watery eyes, but you don’t want to take antihistamines or get allergy shots, what can you do to relieve your symptoms?

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