Helped my depression

First of all I assume I was like most people before their first acupuncture
experience.. Unsure what to expect and some what skeptical. With that being said I
wanted to have an open mind. My wife actually found Lotus Spring Acupuncture on line
and after reading a few testimonials decided to give it a try. I have been
experiencing symptoms of depression for quite a long time. For a while I was able to
manage it, but it seamed to be getting worse. I knew I didn't want to get
started on medication, but I knew I needed to do something. I had been doing some
research on acupuncture and how well it works for depression, so I decided to give
it a try. In the first session; before Dan started any treatment, he first talked to
me about what I was experiencing and explained to me how acupuncture works to aid in
this type of treatment. After my first diagnostic test and treatment I could tell I
felt different, and in a very good way; This acupuncture stuff helped me I
feel better. I didn't expect this to be a one time fix as Dan explained,
through a few sessions we could get on top of the depression and make it more
manageable for me. As I continued my treatments I continued to feel better and
better. Since then it been a few months, not only has Dan been successful at
helping me with depression. He has treated me for bee stings, digestion issues, head
colds, fatigue, shoulder pain and may other little ailments. If you ask me
acupuncture should be something people utilize in there life for all aspects of
health. I'm glad I did. Thanks Dan, I'll see you later today.