Inducing labor with acupuncture

Successful Labor Inducement Treatment. When I was 40 weeks and 3 days pregnant, I called Lotus Spring for a labor inducement treatment. It was my first pregnancy, and even though I knew it is normal to be a bit late on the first pregnancy, I was ready to meet my baby boy! Dan was able to get me in the same day that I called, and he gave me a relaxing hour of treatment to stimulate contractions and relieve back pain. I had never had an acupuncture treatment before, and I was surprised that such little needles could cause such an obvious effect on the targeted points. I left the office feeling refreshed and ready to have my baby. My contractions picked up over the next 24 hours, but not enough to send me into labor. So I went back for a second treatment. Dan was wonderful about asking questions about how I was feeling, how long and intense my contractions had been since the last session, and whether I could feel any changes as he treated me. At the end of my first treatment, Dan told me that he had never had to give more than three treatments to get a woman to go into labor. Sure enough, the day after my second treatment, my contractions got stronger and closer together. By the end of the day, my water broke. Although my labor was quite long, I was so excited to know that my little boy was on his way and so glad for the help in getting him to me faster!