Low back pain with degenerative disc disease

For whatever health problem you are struggling with, I recommend you try a few treatments of acupuncture. Like me, you may be pleasantly surprised (and sincerely grateful) to experience improved health!
I am a senior citizen with back pain due to degenerative disc disease in my lower back and scar tissue from surgery in that area 15 years ago. I had been treated with steroid injections for one and a half years with some success but was still suffering pain if I stood, sat or walked for more than a hour. I also couldn’t carry over 15 pounds, pull weeds, vacuum, etc. I was taking 800 mg ibuprofen regularly to keep the pain tolerable, especially after doing any of the afore mentioned activities.
A family member suggested I try acupuncture and I found Dan Clark at Lotus Spring on the internet. After being treated twice a week for a couple of weeks, my pain was reduced enough to quit taking ibuprofen! After twice a week treatments for 2 months, I was able to increase my activities to doing all of the above and more! I love being able to pick up my 22lb twin grandsons, go to a concert or movie, and can now look forward to family vacations!
My daughter has been suffering from IBS and ulcer pain for a few years and nothing that the medical profession recommended has helped. I sent her to Dan Clark two weeks ago and she has already seen improvement!
An added bonus is discounted rates for senior citizens or for anyone paying in advance for 5 visits!


L.H. Lehi, UT