I am forty-one years old and, before I met Dan, I suffered from severe migraine headaches. They were so awful that I would lose my peripheral vision and be sick for days, sometimes weeks. During an attack I would not be able to lie down. I had to sit up in a dark cold place and be very still. This was extremely difficult to do because the pain was so excruciating. It felt like a combination of an ice pick stabbing my eyeballs and a shovel hitting the back of my head. My eyes would tear down my face uncontrollably – I just wanted to die. My only recourse was to take prescription drugs that were unreliable. Usually they would leave me feeling groggy with a less painful nauseating headache that would last indefinitely. For that I would take a lot of Excedrin. I have visited with western doctors who had me take several tests: CAT and MRI scans; blood and allergy tests, but they were never able to find the cause of the headaches. Last year I got the worst headache of my life. I had tried everything, except Oriental Medicine. I thought to myself, what do I have to lose..?? I hated taking so many drugs that were having ill effects on my body. I got online and found Dan. WHAT A MIRICLE HE HAS BEEN FOR ME! My first few visits were amazing! He could “flip a switch” with acupuncture and take my headache away or get it to where I could actually sleep and feel 100%! After about the tenth treatment he started me on herbs. The combination of both treatments has stopped the migraines completely! Currently we are working to get my liver in balance so that I do not have pre-menstrual headaches (nowhere near migraine level pain). With each passing month, the headaches are less and less and my body feels better and better! Dan has given me a new life! He has also given me so much knowledge about acupuncture and how it helps to balance the body naturally. In addition to being highly trained and knowledgeable, Dan is very compassionate, patient and has acute instincts. I really feel that he has a genuine concern for me and has often gone the extra mile. I am so lucky to have found him – he is the genuine article!