Preventing miscarriage testimonial

At about 4 weeks pregnant I began having some bleeding and they found I had a sub-chorionic hematoma. My doctor told me the only way to heal the hematoma was to be on bed rest. After a week and a half on bed rest and no change in the hematoma I began researching ways to help it heal. I had read a few posts online about women doing acupuncture and seeing results. After another week on bed rest with no change and my bleeding worsening I decided to call Lotus Spring Acupuncture. BEST decision ever!! After only 2 treatments my hematoma was completely gone! My doctor, the ultra sound tech and I all could not believe it but there was no sign of it on my ultrasound. My bleeding began to slowly decrease. Another huge benefit of the acupuncture was it helped a ton with my nausea. I was experiencing extreme nausea all day every day and was quite miserable. Within 2 hours of my first treatment I could not believe the difference in how I felt. When my husband came home from work after about an hour of him being home he commented that he could not believe how different I was acting. He mentioned that he hadn’t seen this much life in me in weeks! I felt like I could do anything which was a huge difference. I had spent the past several weeks down with no desire to do much of anything. I also noticed a decrease in the severity of my headaches. I was completely skeptical going into it but after only a few treatments I could not deny the changes I had experienced. When I was looking for a place to go I wanted to go somewhere that only focused on acupuncture since the problems I was having were not basic/routine issues. I am so grateful to have found Dan. He really knows his stuff! I appreciated that he listened and took the time to address my concerns and answer all my questions.


L.M.  Lehi, UT